zaterdag 13 december 2008

Dogs needing help!

Signing this petition you will help us to avoid that some dogs we protect were poisoned! please sign! and spead the word!!!

dinsdag 24 juni 2008


1) “Help to cats and dogs” in Facebook

· Connexion with people around the world
· Connexion with public persons and associations
· Ideas and initiatives exposed

· Diffusion of:
i. Information like: Shelters list, order by states.
ii. Videos: publicity and education:
iii. Pictures: awareness, show our reality to people in other countries

· Promotion of the shelters
· Education and information
· Awareness

2) Reality show of rural veterinaries travelling trought the animal shelters in Venezuela

· Information: Where are the shelters, how to train your dog or cat, how to adopt an animal. Animals are good to our health.
· Education: Love animals, respect animals, Laws against people mistreating animals, first care to animal, what you shouldn’t do.
· Donations: People will be tented to give donation, not only money but materials, the money collected for the program.
· Sponsorships: Companies would like to be involved in the publicity.
· Massive sterilizations: A group of persons, veterinary voluntaries will travel around the country teaching about care to animals, and helping and healing animals, making massive sterilizations. That will relieve and will help the shelters in Venezuela. (like RAVS in EE UU does, and they will help us).

Laws will be taken more seriously, animals as well, of course. More voluntaries will come to help. And then other countries will be motivated to do the same.

3) Campaign I love and respect my pet

One of the persons helping me has the idea that we should wear t-shirts with pictures of our animals impressed on, in order to make it hip. She will try to raise some money from that, for the cause. And that way people will start asking what is happening.

4) Animal Week in Venezuela: (around the October 4th)

I have contact a newspaper in my country, and in my group I have many people from the media. Make a good publicity for the animal day.

That week:
Education: Prepare in each school a group of students, or professors, or former students, and make a workshop about the respect and care to our animals.
Prepare some visits to the shelters, with donations and the TV or newspapers.

During that week, if people agreed, we can:
- Either making social events among families and friends and raise some money and materials and each group will bring it to the closest shelter.
- Or making a demonstration, in favour of the animals.

In all supermarkets, take the car and people will get and leave in the car all the food and shampoo for dogs. As well in the pharmacies a box with the list of medicine.


The inhabitants of the residential neighbourhood of Sans Souci, located in Chacaíto (Caracas – VENEZUELA), got up shocked on Monday. More than 16 cats were found dead in several spaces of the residences, a fact that for most of the neighbours is an act of revenge.
A mini zoo exists for years in the middle of the residences. In 2006, several neighbours of the same complex requested the removal of the animals (Capuchin monkeys, rabbits, parrots and cats, among others) arguing that they were causing diseases to the children of the community.
The case went to court and two weeks ago the decision was taken. The animals earned the right to stay because, according to the neighbours who defend the permanence of the mini zoo, it could not be proved that any child of the community had a health problem caused by the fauna that lives there. They won the case 15 days ago and since then several neighbours have heard others saying that one of these days the cats were going to be found dead.

The kittens were found poisoned in the gardens, in the green areas of a kindergarten and inside some buildings. They gathered them together close to the exit and everyone who was passing by was disapproving the action. Those cats were previously vaccinated and sterilized!.

Three days ago four rabbits died. “They were fed with parsley and everybody knows that they cannot eat this because they would get food poisoning”, denounced Indira Vera, one of the neighbours of Sans Souci.

The Penal code protects the animals in the articles 478 and 537, where they establish fines of 100 TU and even prison to those who mistreat these creatures.

Last 17th of June, there was a concentration in front of the office of the public prosecutor of Venezuela, in order to beg that the animal protection law was approved and punishment to the killer of those animals. Many people gave their support for the neighbours and the animals protect association that were fitting to help those animals.

Maria Arias

Other references:

The situation in Venezuela

For the people who care about animals, more specifically dogs and cats, we have a very sad situation in our streets with hundreds of vagabond dogs and cats. These animals had a home until the day their owner left them. After being domesticated, these dogs and cats are not able to survive a life alone on the streets. In addition, breeders, pet shop owners, and some unscrupulous people produce hundreds of dogs and cats every year, many keeping these animals in cages too small with lack in nutritional care. Why support these inhumane ways of breeding when many of the animals that already exist face a life without homes? Besides looking for food, they will have to survive fights, the danger of being run over by a car, or worse, be a part of an animal fighting ring… all a daily adventure. Unfortunately, these dogs and cats are seen as a problem because they defecate in gardens and streets and they destroy the bins in search of food, causing contamination problems. Some organizations just solve the problem massacring the stray animals. Other people try to help them, some are charity associations and others are refuges for those abandoned cats and dogs, but this is not enough. We need to educate people about the sterilization of their animals and the responsibility of having a pet. The economic situation of my country is not the best and charity is decreasing. We need more laws to protect these animals from mistreatment and/or euthanization. They deserve a life of respect for being apart of this world as well. Let’s end this suffering and let our voice speak for theirs!


  • Sterilization is one way to reverse animal overcrowding, more control and sanction of the irresponsible people.
  • Adoptions, and do not forget the adult animal. (This can also be done virtually through supporting a refuge)
  • Create laws that punish the human being for the suffering and death of an animal if is the case.
  • Help the refuges and animal activist organizations that do not sacrifice animal.
  • Become educated about training dogs and teach other people educate their animals instead to leave them in the street.

My ideas:
Help trough the shelters that already exist!
To organise the animal week in which there will be collect of material, money, lectures in the schools in order to educate, all what the people wants to do concerning animals that can help those.
Be coach of the voluntaries that wants to start helping the strays animals in cities where aren't shelters or asociations.
Doing internationals and nationals adoptions of those animals.
Difusion of information
To organise visit to the shelters!